Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stopped Clock Watch: Jimmah Edition

Ace of Spades HQ: "Allah thinks it's mostly about galvanizing the base, preparing the battlefield, for 2012, and while surely that's part of it, I think that overlooks the obvious in favor of the clever: No, this is really mostly about how absolutely critical government unions are to the Democrats. It's the only segment of union growth in America. And every raise given to a government union worker is just more money that flows directly into Democratic campaigns.

A good quote over there from a Republican Senator, Randy Hopper, who basically vows that if he's looking into his political grave -- he's ready to jump.

I continue not believing the polls showing 62% of the public opposing taking 'rights' to collective bargaining away from union members. For one thing -- that loaded word 'rights.' Rights that Obama's federal government workers do not have, thanks to noted right-winger Jimmy Carter, who realized that government workers should not be allowed to extort from their employers."