Monday, April 19, 2010

The John Kafals Spin Machine....

The John Kafalas spin machine is once again hard at work as they now have to ramp up for an unanticipated political campaign. We in the Republican 52nd Colorado House District re-convened our assembly on Saturday, April 17, 2010 to select a candidate to run against John Kafalas. That assembly resulted in the nomination (and acceptance) of a bright and brave young candidate stepping forward to launch a campaign to kick John Kafalas out of office this November.

Kafalas, of course, had a spy from the Green Party in attendance. But unfortunately, the spy spun the information and was completely inaccurate with his claims. Based on the claims of his spy, Kafalas immediately launched an email to his loyal minions, which said the following (Kefalas message in italics, my replies to his statements are included below):

"Dear Neighbor,

'If we win back the east side of Fort Collins, then we'll win the 4th Congressional district and we will have taken the Governor and U.S. Senate seat as well.'

That's what local Republican Party chair Larry Carillo told a group of Republicans gathered on Saturday to pick someone to run against me for House District 52."

That is correct – we WILL be doing everything in our power to take back the 52nd House District, the 4th Congressional District, the Governors office and the U.S. Senate from the progressive movement that has poisoned our state and our country.

"As they cheered for right-wing radio host Glenn Beck and the Tea Party, while mocking the reproductive sciences symposium being held in the next room (whose theme was fighting ovarian cancer), they nominated a first-term Fort Collins City Council member to oppose me in November."

Well – not quit, Mister Kafalas. One of the speakers made a comment that he accidentally walked into their meeting instead of the assembly meeting. There was no mocking of the group, no ridicule of that group, nothing that could possibly be construed as mean spirited, except of course by your spy with the already biased beliefs who heard only what he wanted to hear. The Tea Party, by the way, is made up of Americans who want their country back. Of course we cheered for them. You find wanting our country back wrong somehow?

"At their local Assembly, Republicans mischaracterized me as 'an extreme liberal for championing efforts towards single-payer health care, for expanding anti-discrimination laws, and even for daring to recognize the reality of global warming. They demanded "common-sense legislators who remember they report to the people in this district" and who represent "We The People" not the "special interests." With all due respect to my Republican friends, that is exactly what I have been doing for the last four years - working as hard as I can for you and your family. I happen to think expanding access to quality and affordable health care, preserving our environment for future generations, and building an economy that works for all of us IS common sense."

But Mister Kafalas – you ARE an extreme liberal, in my opinion. Single payer health care is a socialist ideal. Global warming is a myth that has been exposed, and another progressive ideal designed to destroy our economy. Even the global warming scientists were forced to admit complicity in covering up information. Every time I have heard you speak, you keep holding up Europe as the example of how we should be living. We don’t WANT to be Europe. We are America!

"It's true that my opponent has served only one year of the four-year term she was elected to serve on behalf of her Fort Collins City Council District 3 constituents."

And this is different than Barack Obama, who served only a partial term in the U.S. Senate before running for President HOW again? I know, I know… you will say “But Obama wanted to serve in a higher office…” Hmmm… our candidate (your opponent) wants to go from Fort Collins City Council to the Colorado State House… Hello? Earth to Kafalas…

"But before you dismiss her candidacy, consider that my opponent is a rising star in the local Republican Party and that her previous campaign donors read like a Who's Who of local power brokers. Just imagine how much money will flood to my opponent from the various special interests.

Click here if you want to keep this seat in the hands of We The People, and not let monied special interests buy it back."

Yes, Mister Kafalas – she is a rising star. She is a strong conservative with American values. Would you like to produce a list for us of the **special interests** she has in her pocket? Or is this more uninformed speculation from your decidedly biased spy? I can tell you one special interest she has on her side – ME! I am just a regular guy who has a special interest in restoring America. I therefore pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor to help your opponent’s campaign. I have a lot of friends in the 52nd House District who feel the same way.

"I agree with Mr. Carillo on one thing. If Republicans can make enough gains to win back House District 52, then they probably will have enough votes to put an arch-conservative in the 4th Congressional seat, re-take the US Senate seat and gain control of the Governor's office. I am determined not to let that happen because we've made too much progress in our state, and we can't afford to turn back the clock in Colorado."

And WE are determined to throw YOU out of office and indeed put that seat back in the hands of We The People! We are indeed determined to turn the clock back to a time before this socialist and progressive take-over of our beautiful state and our proud country.

"The deadline for contributions for my next campaign finance report is this Sunday, April 25. Let's show the other side that we are not going to roll over and let them take over our state house, our Governor's office, or our U.S. Congress. Now that this race will begin in earnest, I would appreciate your support to send a loud and clear message this week that We The People have not given up our quest for a more perfect union.
If you still believe that working together, we all do better, please click here."

Mister Kafalas – I believe that your statement of “...our quest for a more perfect union…” translates into the same philosophy and sentiment of Barack Obama: that of transforming America in a socialist nanny state. We aren’t having any part of that. You have perverted the meaning of the phrase “We The People” in my opinion. It would be in your best interest for you to believe that our side will not roll over and let you pervert it further.

"If you prefer, please send a check to, People for John Kefalas, 604 Sycamore Street, Fort Collins, CO, 80521. For those of you who have already donated to my 2010 re-election, I am most grateful for your support and trust. If you can give more, great! If you cannot give more now or even later or perhaps you are not supporting me (imagine that!), I understand and would welcome your positive thoughts and/or kind prayers that this race be positive, clean, based on the facts and focused on the issues that matter, not left-wing or right-wing ideology. Thank you and have a nice Colorado day."

It pleases me greatly that you now have to ramp up an expensive campaign to try to keep your seat,. We will certainly do our best to make your endeavor futile and costly. And here you thought you would go unopposed. That’s a shame….

And already, you have broken your side of the bargain. Your rant above already has contained inaccurate information, conjecture, and opinion. You clearly espouse left-wing and progressive ideologies, in my opinion. Please move to Europe, Mister Kafalas. You seem to have a great deal of love for their ways., and a seemingly large amount of disdain for American values. You would do well in Europe, I think.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Transparent Unicorns

Well they at least got this one right.

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