Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth To Sensitive People

American Thinker: Social Security Isn't Broken?: "The hole in the government finances, the utter mess of ObamaCare, the coming Medicare maelstrom: how did we get in this mess?  The short answer is that it all started in about 1850 when sensitive people started worrying about the poor suffering workers.  Oh no, they cried.  We have to do something.  They were sensitive, those people, but they were not smart.  Their 'do something' always ended up as some centralized administrative government program, with government taking money from its least favorite citizens and giving it to its most favored citizens, and calling the result compassion.

Earth to sensitive people."
This is a RTWT. But you can't be allowed to miss the ending so here it is:
No, Social Security isn't broke. It's worse than that. Social Security is a bottle on a shelf of social narcotics that kill the social instinct and poison people with an addictive sense of entitlement to the fruits of other peoples' labor.

In the life after liberalism, when liberal power has collapsed, we'll reconstruct all the social ties that liberals have so energetically broken up. Today, as we live through the decline and fall of the liberal empire, and endure the truculence of its leaders and its rank and file, it's the time to think, to organize, and to plan.