Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sabotage: The Coming Boot In The Wheel

Moonbattery: Steve Lerner Reveals Plan to Further Destabilize US Economy: "If Obama's economic policy makes no sense to you at all, try listening to Steve Lerner — at least until recently of the SEIU and a frequent visitor to the White House. Here Lerner discusses plans to deliberately destabilize the American economy, creating untold havoc and misery to pave the way for totalitarian collectivism:"

There's actually a small amount of "stopped clock watch" in this: Lots of the bankers -- along with the politicians they have bought and the Federal Reserve -- really should be in jail. The problem for Lerner and his communist friends is that if the public ever looked up from American Idol they might find that one of those politicians is O Duce himself. Note that his new chief of staff -- in addition to being yet another corrupt Chicago pol -- just came from the same J.P. Morgan Lerner wants to target! LOL

Of course, the idea that we need even lower interest rates is crazy -- the monopolistic central planning of interest rates by the Fed is one of the largest factors in how we have this crazy debt-based, boom and bust nightmare that the ignorant maroon masses now call a "free market". I recommend looking up the real Thomas Jefferson if you believe that's a good thing.

And of course, what Lerner proposes is just the next wave of Cloward and Piven chaos that would be spotlighted as looming treason by any sane and truly freedom-loving U.S. Government. But that's never going to happen with Lerner visiting O Duce's White House at least four times now is it?