Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mental Illness Visualized

protein wisdom | …because not just anybody can summarize the news: "Human shields [Darleen Click]"

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Living Near Palestinians

Moonbattery » Living Near Palestinians: "Since we won’t get anything but malevolent lies from the liberal-run media, let’s ask someone who actually knows what it is like living next door to the oppressed brown-skinned urchins we support with our tax dollars in Gaza:"

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hitler’s Long Shadow over Israel

“Hitler’s Long Shadow over Israel” | protein wisdom: "The continuity is striking.  Reich set the Brothers up with a printing  press and fake photos of alleged torture of Arabs by Jews — just as today, Iranian, Egyptian, and Palestinian state TV broadcasts dramatizations of  Jews stealing Arabs’ eyeballs and killing Arab children to use their blood in matzoh.  Organizing in mosques, schools, and workplaces with Hitler’s funds, the Brothers spread lies that Jews planned to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and trample on the Koran — the same exact lies Yasser Arafat used to launch the second intifada.  On the Ramadan after 9/11, Egyptian President Mubarak launched a 41-week dramatization of that Nazi favorite, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, in an emotional call for genocide against the world’s Jews.

Hitler has never left the Middle East.  For almost 70 years, the Arab world has been pickled in Nazi Jew-hatred.  In the words of Matthias Kuntzel, author of Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11, “[i]f there is one theme … which unites Islamists, Liberals, Nasserites and Marxists, it is the collective fantasy of the common enemy in the shape of Israel and the Jews, which almost always correlates with the wish to destroy Israel.”  Jew-hatred is indispensible to Arab leaders, from Egypt to Saudi Arabia to Iran to the Palestinian Authority, in their fight against democratic Western values."

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Imagine If You Will...

Moonbattery » Open Thread: "Via Grouchy Old Cripple, on a tip from TED."

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Speak-o: Fooling The Ignorant

Hilarious Fail of the Week: Gruber Claims It Was a “Speak-O!” | Power Line: "Also, per Glenn Reynolds, a second recording has emerged of Gruber saying the same thing on a different occasion. Another speak-o!

Like so many things that liberals say, Gruber’s denial is not intended to persuade the intelligent, but rather to fool the ignorant.

But I want to make a broader point about the claim, advanced by large numbers of Democrats, that the operative language of the ACA–”established by the State under section 1311″–was a “typo.” This assertion is ridiculous on its face. If the statute was printed and came out looking like this–”established by the Stat under section 1311″–that would be a typo, and a court would read “state” for “stat.” But the absence of any reference to a federally-established exchange, while it could be a mistake, is not a typo."

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Foreign Country

Belmont Club » The Blindfolds of the West: "LP Hartley opened his novel, The Go-Between with what is perhaps the most famous literary line of the 20th century. “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.”  But it was also a very English line with all the limitations of insularity. For it seems that in much of the world beyond Brighton Beach the only homeland is the past. It is the present that is a foreign country.

Under the veneer of modernity, the same old hatreds, passions and greed still govern the world. They still dominate human imaginations. The earth turns, unchanged in its essentials from time immemorial, misunderstood only by the West, which in insists on seeing it à la mode — according to the current style or fashion.  As for the rest, they see it as it is, or at least as they think it is; so hand over that box of cartridges, it’s still the same old story, as time goes by."
Another RTWT from Wretchard...

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Germany 1938

Germany 1938 France 2014 [Darleen Click] | protein wisdom: "Germany 1938 France 2014"

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Before Candles

Instapundit » Blog Archive » SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “What did socialists use before candles? Electricity.”: "SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “What did socialists use before candles? Electricity.”"

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Moonbattery » White Flags Over Brooklyn Bridge: "The incidents that are most emblematic of an age may hardly be noticed at the time. This story may not make much of a splash, but looking back, people might remember it as the quintessence of America under Obama:
In a stunning security breach, the giant American flags at the top of both sides of the Brooklyn Bridge were replaced by white flags overnight, cops said.

The two new flags appear to be American flags that were painted over white — the traditional symbol for “surrender” — and were flying Tuesday morning from both towers."

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Friday, July 18, 2014

An Exception That Proves The Rule

Angelina Jolie 'hates' President Barack Obama: 'She thinks he is really a socialist in disguise' - NY Daily News: "Angelina Jolie isn't happy with the state of politics today … and that includes President Barack Obama. "She hates him," a source close to the actress said in the latest issue of Us Weekly magazine. "She's into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise." Despite her displeasure with the leader of the Democrats, the 34-year-old actress is reportedly not a Republican like her father, actor Jon Voight. Jolie, who has been a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador since 2001, is said to think the President is all "smoke and mirrors.""
Of course, it probably takes having Jon Voight -- an exception himself -- as her Dad for something like this to happen.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Also Currently Out Connecting With Americans...

David Burge (iowahawkblog) on Twitter: "David Burge @iowahawkblog  ·  11h
Come back Nero, all is forgiven

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David Burge @iowahawkblog  ·  12h
President currently out connecting with regular Americans. Also currently out connecting with regular Americans: SAM missiles.

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Unbelievable. Have a good laugh, Obamoron...

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Instapundit » Blog Archive » MORE CONVENIENTLY DISAPPEARING DATA: “Recycled” hard drive at the FEC too? “A probe into Hatch…: "JULY 15, 2014

MORE CONVENIENTLY DISAPPEARING DATA: “Recycled” hard drive at the FEC too? “A probe into Hatch Act violations at the Federal Election Commission ran aground when the electronic communications of the suspect — a former colleague of Lois Lerner — had her computer hard drive ‘recycled.’ Sound familiar?”

It’s a coverup. And what they’re covering up is a conspiracy to destroy political opposition, one that goes all the way to the White House. That’s the only reasonable inference from this chain of events."

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Monday, July 14, 2014

A Comment On "Daniel Hannan Nails It"

‘Socialism in one image’: Daniel Hannan nails it [pics] | Twitchy:

@DanHannanMEP @GABaines #Socialists #Labour - people who dream of their boot on your neck from the fatherless cradle to the childless grave
2:45 PM - 14 Jul 2014

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QoTD: Bingo

Ace of Spades HQ: "Quote of the Day

"Muslims will want to go to the moon when the Jews set up Israel there."

-- Dennis Miller in his "Big Speech" show."
And don't forget the modern Kristallnacht starting all over again in France...

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Aiding Human Traffickers Is Apparently Not An Impeachable Offense

Human Traffickers Are Asking HHS for Immigrant Children | National Review Online: "Individuals associated with human trafficking organizations are asking Health and Human Services officials to hand over the children who have immigrated to the United States during the recent border surge, according to a congressman who toured a facility where the children are being housed.

HHS is trying to release the children to sponsors in the United States, but those sponsors aren’t always parents. “There have been cases of people who have attempted to be sponsors actually being identified as associated with trafficking organizations,” Representative Jim Bridenstine (R., Okla) told National Review Online after visiting a housing facility at Fort Sill.  "
And that would be both aiding their initial business and then turning a blind eye while they're sold into what is effectively slavery.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bill Whittle: Where Do You Live Mark Zuckerberg?

Bill Whittle: Where Do You Live Mark Zuckerberg?: "The crisis on the Mexican border is worsening by the hour. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle hammers home three devastating points regarding the dangerous legal precedents, the morally gray areas, and the hypocritical pose of unearned moral superiority on the part of those proposing amnesty and open borders."

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

COTD: What They Really, Really Don't Want The Deltas To Understand

In NSA-intercepted data, those not targeted far outnumber the foreigners who are - The Washington Post: "Offshore wind 9:12 PM MDT
Bingo. Here's the coda from Patrick Henry.  

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.""

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Inside The Fireworks

Ace of Spades HQ: "We all know what a fireworks show looks like from the outside, from the ground. But this clever guy sent up his aerial drone to film the show from the sky, from within it. It's just about the neatest thing you'll see this summer."

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Some Fireworks For The 4th: When a Fly Falls into a Cup of Coffee...

When a Fly Falls into a Cup of Coffee: International Style | Augean Stables: "WHEN A FLY FALLS INTO A CUP OF COFFEE 

The Italian – throws the cup, breaks it and walks away in a fit of rage.

The German – carefully washes the cup, sterilizes it and makes a new cup of coffee.

The Frenchman – takes out the fly and drinks the coffee.

The Chinese  -  eats the fly and throws away the coffee.

The Russian  -  drinks the coffee with the fly, since it came with no extra charge.

The Israeli  -  sells the coffee to the Frenchman, sells the fly to the Chinese, sells the cup to the Italian, drinks a cup of tea and uses the extra money to invent a device that prevents flies from falling into coffee. 
The Palestinian – blames the Israeli for the fly falling into his coffee, protests the act to the UN as an act of aggression, takes a loan from the European Union to buy a new cup of coffee, uses the money to purchase explosives and then blows up the coffee house where the Italian, Frenchman, Chinese, German and Russian are all trying to explain to the Israeli that he should give his cup of tea to the Palestinian."

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Escape From Socialist Venezuela

One Journalist's Decision to Escape From Socialist Venezuela: "In a piece published in the Washington Post, former Venezuelan journalist Rafael Osío Cabrices describes his decision to leave the country with his family and become an immigrant in another land.
We were proud of the job we were doing as journalists, writing about the problems our country was facing and possible ways to solve them. We wanted to help our society to go back to the path to democracy, interrupted in 1998 by the return of army men to power, with the election of Chávez, a career military officer, who had failed to take over the government in a bloody putsch just six years before.

But the majority of our fellow Venezuelans had other plans. In 2009, when Chávez obtained the popular support to reform the constitution in order to rule forever, my wife and I accepted that we wouldn’t be able to live under an elected dictatorship, a government that also would be unable to stop the inflation and crime rates that now are among the highest in the world. As newspapers were being whittled down and journalists feared speaking against the regime, it became virtually impossible to do the work my wife and I were trained to do.
Cabrices and his family decide to move to Canada because it is easier, as a professional journalist, to get a visa there than in the U.S. However his first stop was in Florida where he awaited final word on his Canadian visa. Compared to life in Venezuela, Florida is a different world.
Even if we were (and still are) terrified about burning through our savings, Weston reminded us that another life, a good life, is possible. The first days there, my wife used to stand in front of the supermarket cases full of brands of yogurt, stressed out by her inability to decide which one to choose. For months, finding any yogurt in Venezuela had been an epic achievement.
Lest you think he is exaggerating, today I came across this video clip which shows what it is like to shop in a Venezuelan supermarket. You don't need to watch all 7 minutes (or understand what the videographer is saying) just look at the rows and rows of empty shelves."

So how about all of O Duce's denunciations of Maduro, huh?  All over the evening news, right?

<crickets />

Why would he denounce something he's working on bringing to your household?

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Have A Happy 4th!

Ace of Spades HQ: "Enjoy Your Freedoms America"

Well, actually not...

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

And Don't Forget Adding The Solar Panels To The VA Hospitals...

Ace of Spades HQ: "3. VA Employees Diverted From Their Actual Jobs of Processing Vets' Applications to Fix Obamacare Enrollment Applications.

Sometimes, in your Socialized Medicine Future, your health is going to be less important than servicing the current political needs of the Rulership Class.

You're just going to have to get used to this, peons."

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Tale O Le Corruption

Sarkozy comeback dream torpedoed by corruption charges - The West Australian: "Paris (AFP) - Nicolas Sarkozy was hit Wednesday with charges including corruption and influence peddling in a dramatic legal move that threatens to torpedo the former president's hopes of a political comeback."

Thank G-d being jailed for corruption like this could never happen to a President elected from Democrat mafia run Chicago. Unlike all those governors from Democrat Mafia run Chicago sitting in jail ... that the President hung around with... and just read about in the newspaper...

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Not So Tiny Bubbles

The Fed Bubble? | Power Line: "Further to yesterday’s note on “Behind the Levitation” about the Federal Reserve’s easy money policy, Ron Greiss of The Chart Store kindly sent along these four graphs that display the astronomical expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet in the aftermath of the crash of 2008.  These make for sober viewing indeed.  Hard to see how this ends well (click to enlarge any of these):"

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