Sunday, August 29, 2010

$5 for 5 Challenge! (Bumped)

$5 for 5 Challenge

Game On! Are You Up for the Challenge?

Grassroots efforts over the last year and a half have made huge strides in both reshaping party politics and promoting candidates who favor principle over party.

The results of the primaries on August 10th proved that all the hard work and sacrifice of grassroots membership and their chosen candidates paid off by moving the ball to the 50 yard line.

From this position it's clear that the battle for the goal line will be even tougher. The opposition has the advantage—in many races—of incumbency and a deeper bench strengthened by substantially larger resources.

Game tactics over the next two months are crucial to shaping the outcome of the November elections and beyond.

What will it take to level the playing field?

Do some research, find 5 candidates who's values and principles are consistent with yours.

Donate $5.00 to the 5 candidates over each of the next 5 weeks. Tell your friends and family to do the same. Each $5.00 will move the ball 5 yards closer to the goal. If you are strapped for cash then donate 5 hours to the candidate of your choice over the next two months.

Don't wake up on November 3rd and ask yourself “I should have done more”? If everyone does their part the ball can be brought over the goal line in November. And remember it's not just the top races that need your help consider the local down-ticket candidates as well.

Remember $5 for 5.... We can do this!

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