Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The American Trinity

CPAC 2016 - Dennis Prager - YouTube: "Dennis Prager"

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The Anti-Human Mindset Of Environmentalists

The Anti-Human Mindset Of Environmentalists | Robert Zubrin and Stefan Molyneux - YouTube: "The Anti-Human Mindset Of Environmentalists"

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Who's The Real Fascist?

Wait A Minute - Who's The Real Fascist? | Zero Hedge: "In other words, the all-powerful central state worshipped by Reich and all the other Establishment insiders, Democrat and Republican alike, is the true culmination of fascism. So if we strip away the Orwellian Doublespeak, we find that it's actually Reich and his fellow believers in the goodness and rightness of the all-powerful central state and central bank who are the real fascists.

The core belief of the Establishment is the central state should run everything: the state should run the mortgage industry (hey, it does--95% of all mortgages are government-backed or guaranteed); it should run the financial system via setting interest rates, buying bonds and other assets and bailing out/protecting private banks (hey, it does--thank you, Federal Reserve); it should control higher education (the central state not only funds the higher education cartel, it also owns most of the $1.4 trillion in student loan debt); it should control the economy via protecting and enforcing favored monopolies and cartels, and of course the state needs to track any domestic "threats" via surveillance and suppress any resistance to its power by force, media attacks, lawsuits, IRS investigations, social-media smear campaigns, etc.--which is precisely what the U.S. central state's toadies, lackeys, apparatchiks, thugs, bought-off media hacks, et al. do."

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Surprise, Surprise! (With a Maggie Thatcher Cameo!)

One of the very first global warming films: ‘The Greenhouse Conspiracy’ | Watts Up With That?: "Channel 4 Television which made this was visited by Whitehall minions shortly after it went to air to discuss it’s funding after which this channel which prides itself on making cutting edge programs dropped all it’s ideas of debunking CAGW and towed the party line.

Surprise Surprise!"

This is absolutely devastating for the warmist cultists. Even more amusing, it catches Thatcher supporting the warmist nutjobs as part of her support for nuclear power to defang the coal uniions! I know about that but had forgotten to bring it up as an ironic "Thatcherite Lysenkoist" twist.

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