Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Last Word ... On Bleeding Animals

Instapundit » Blog Archive » SEEMS LIKE AN OVERREACTION TO ME: Should The Police Have Shut Boston Down? Related thoughts here…: "Plus, from the comments: “Given what happened in LA during the Dorner manhunt, and the number of police deployed here, it’s as much to prevent accidental shootings by police as to make the manhunt easier.”

But I think this is the last word: “So lockdown is lifted because they can’t find the suspect…which allows boat guy to leave his house…and find the suspect.”

Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 10:00 am"
Two cheers for the boat owner. But he's clearly a moron for seeing the line cut and blood smears and still going up to look into the boat unless he had a gun -- which I would be shocked to hear of in the PDR of Boston Metro. (I will gladly upgrade him to five cheers if in fact he did go out with a weapon -- that's what everyone competent with a gun should have been doing all day.)

Given the manhunt and the fact he must have known he was just blocks outside the cordon, the odds were extremely high that the terrorist loon was associated with that set of facts.

The only other rational hypothesis was that it was a bleeding animal ... but which aren't known for their prowess cutting ropes with knives ... but which if true would definitely call for a gun in hand!

In fact, we could say that indeed he did find a bleeding animal, couldn't we?