Friday, April 5, 2013

Skeptic's Corner: Freeman Dyson

Freeman Dyson speaks out about climate science, and fudge | Watts Up With That?: "Freeman Dyson is a physicist who has been teaching at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton since Albert Einstein was there. When Einstein died in 1955, there was an opening for the title of “most brilliant physicist on the planet.” Dyson has filled it.

So when the global-warming movement came along, a lot of people wondered why he didn’t come along with it. The reason he’s a skeptic is simple, the 89-year-old Dyson said when I phoned him.

“I think any good scientist ought to be a skeptic,” Dyson said."
And don't forget Feynman's definition of science: "The belief in the ignorance of the experts."

Of course, if you RTWT you'll see that Dyson is saying it's silly to even think of the alarmists as experts.

So Feynman doesn't even come into it.  Ouch.