Sunday, April 7, 2013

COTD: The One "Outing" Liberal Dems Are Terrified Of...

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lanza's murder spree at Sandy Hook may have been 'act of revenge' - NY Daily News: "NOSEITALL15 minutes ago So Adam Lanza...

- was bullied at school
- was mentally unbalanced
- had a mother who accumulated deadly weapons of all sorts
- had a mother who encouraged him to fire deadly weapons
- played violent video games all day
- dressed in camouflage and acted out violent video games, and
- had access to firearms and other weapons.

So what do liberals propose as a solution? Taking guns away from normal, law-abiding citizens!

Funny, they never mention the liberals' push to de-institutiona­lize the mentally ill in the 1980s and 1990s.

These school shootings, which are surely great tragedies, are a tiny percentage of homicides in the US. Most gun violence is committed by liberal Democrats, in cities run by liberal Democrats.

What scares liberals the most is Democrats with guns in their cities
. Liberals don't fear middle- or upper-income Republicans owning guns to protect their lives and property.

But of course, liberal Democrats can't come out and say that they fear their own constituents without losing an election, so they feign outrage at the NRA and Republicans. "