Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alinsky, Gramsci and Orwell

Belmont Club » Calling All Comrades: "Saul Alinksy understood the power of using one side’s language against itself. He always advised beating the establishment to death with its own rulebook. Why would anyone on the Left disapprove of the Boston Marathon Bombers simply because they attacked America or tried to maim and dismember people?  That was how Bill Ayers got his start in life.

But it might have been a hanging offense to point out that Tsarnaev could insult Martin Luther King or beat a women. If someone can find a homophobic utterance by either brother or show they ate transfat cooked foods or drank softdrinks larger than 16 ounces then it will be all we can do to keep the surviving sibling from being lynched.

It’s not ridiculous. It’s not absurd. That’s how the liberation theology people attacked Christianity. That’s how Gramsci marched through the institutions. It works. Now that the Left is the Establishment what to do but beat them over the heads with their own rulebook?

Now Comrades, will you act? Will you learn the language of the narrative and speak in its terms?"
Orwell? Orwell is spinning in his grave now realizing what an innocent he was about the gap between himself and Huxley.