Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Pressure Cookers And Beatles

Fake Activist ‘Liberal Chick’ Gets Gullible College Students to Sign Petition Banning Pressure Cookers | NewsBusters: "Of course, there are certainly many people out there who support banning any number of things deemed to be dangerous by anyone. “If it only saves one life” goes the common refrain. To test that proposition out, fake left-wing activist “Liberal Chick” took to the Florida International University campus to see if she could get students to sign a petition to ban pressure cookers, the devices used in the Boston Marathon bombing but normally used for cooking tasty food.

Given that this was a college campus, the enthusiasm of the naive students to sign up is unsurprising. It is still pretty funny though as you can see in the video below:"

You thought I was kidding about the Beatles, didn't you? I think it pretty much explains the whole video...