Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Traitor In Chief Update

Ace of Spades HQ: "There's no possible way Iran (or any other targeted country) can benefit from knowing the virus' tricks and tasks and Trojans, I guess.

Take that Bluetooth thing. A closed system does not have any connection to the internet, so even if you have a keylogger installed on it, how do you get that information back to you?

Well, it appears that the virus sends a signal to a portable device with a Bluetooth, the sort that someone might take into the area. And then when that device is brought home, it sends from there.

That's a neat trick.

Now, how many Bluetooth-enabled devices do you imagine Iran will be permitting near secure computers in the future?

How about none?

This scandal just ticked up a notch, because the leakers are continuing to leak, even while being investigated, and even leaking more critical information. They must be found and arrested at once."
The only thing here is that O Duce is too stupid to understand any of these details well enough to leak them. And I'm shocked that any of the idiots he has hired would either.

So that's the closest I can get to cutting him slack.