Thursday, December 8, 2011

COTD: Delivered To Hell, Part 2

The Egyptian Elections: Analyzing the Runoff Results - By Samuel Tadros - The Corner - National Review Online: "As Jimmah gave us Islamist Iran, so Barry gives us Islamist Egypt. The two largest, most powerful muslim states - handed to (I would say deliberately delivered into the hands of) the Islamists by DEM Presidents.

A friend of Iranian descent sent me a YouTube about life in Iran 19040 - 1980. It was not surprising to me, but maybe some of NRO's younger readers should take a gander (search YouTube for Shah's Iran, etc. - there are many videos). The Shah had made Iran into a very Westernized, modern State. but his state police, the Savak, were not nice enough to the communists & islamists wishing to oust him. So in the name of "human rights" Carter threw our ally, the Shah, to the dogs. The result was not hard to imagine.

Heh! Arab Spring, my patootie! The only uprising that was not Islamist (and thereby worse than the status quo) was the Iranain "green revolution". And which uprising was the ONLY one the US sat on its hand for? The stupidity is mindboggling."
Not the stupidity, the plan...