Sunday, September 14, 2014

War O The Teleprompters

Belmont Club » Myron Vs Atilla: "Productive family-men are the most fearsome army the West has. ‘Myron’ and ‘Hank’ are ultimately more dangerous than the Lenins, Trotskys and Osama bin Ladens. In some fundamental sense, the meek do inherit the earth. When Homer described the Shield of Achilles as a metaphor for the defenses of civilization, most of its five folds consisted of images of productive labor.  Only one consisted of men at arms.

Much has been made of the ‘training’ which is going to be provided to American allies.  But it is also worth asking, what training is Obama providing ISIS by allowing it to ultimately survive, replete with the lessons it will learn? And why is America not rampaging down the productive flank, especially in energy independence?  One possible explanation is that the president, Great Man that is, isn’t aware of the potential of plumbers or drilling or nuclear energy.  For him, the field is still dominated by titans such as himself who will solve everything from the socialist equivalent of a pulpit: the teleprompter.

That’s what the Jihadis think. Too bad they’ve convinced the socialist West that they’re right."
Welcome to the JEF's brave new world of teleprompted beheadings...

... and now you know why he has declared all-out war on us "Myron's".