Saturday, September 27, 2014

There Were Only 40 Thieves

Belmont Club » Poor In a Cave of Wonders: "One commenter on this site recalls that politicians in California were seriously hoping the government would pay for the proposed high-speed train so that taxpayers wouldn’t have to. It’s not as dumb as one might think. That is really the equivalent of being relieved that the $117,000 bill is going to be picked up by the insurance company. That way nobody has to pay for it.

The slums of the 21st century will be — already are — strange things: inhabited by enormously fat people surrounded by a clutter of magic gadgets none of which whose operation they can understand.   They can watch but can’t read. They can eat but unable to get their teeth fixed or unable to hire a skilled workman to fix anything.

We are poor in a cave of wonders. How come this tragedy never befell Ali Baba in the story? Because in the Ali Baba story there were only 40 Thieves."