Monday, September 1, 2014

Teeing Up A Modest Proposal

How Much Does a Golf Course Cost?: "A more practical budget, however, should be between $6 and $8 million (exclusive of land), as outlined below."
So let's say that the average 18 hole course costs $10 million to build including land. And let's go with an average length of an 18 hole course as being 6,000 yards. 

And lets say we wanted to completely line the U.S-Mexican border (approximately 2,000 miles in length) with golf courses on the U.S. side.

Why?  Stay with me...

So, being generous about topography and allowing the 18th hole for each course to end up back at its own clubhouse, let's say that each course would stretch along 2,000 yards of the border.  So 2,000 miles times 1760 yards per mile is approximately 3.5 million yards.  Divide that by 2,000 yards per course and we come up with the figure of 1,760 golf courses to completely cover the length of the border.

At $10 million to construct each course that comes to $17.6 billion dollars.  Never let it be said that freedom lovers were uniformly against raising taxes -- we would gladly pay more taxes to do this. (Well, OK, I admit this is chump change in the current Federal budget so you've got me there.)

But why do this?

Well the modest condition is that there would be a law passed to go along with it: All current and former Presidents are only allowed to golf on these new courses lining the border.  They can golf as much as they want -- in fact the more the better. And surely 1,760 courses would provide enough variety and challenge -- but only these courses can be used.  And surely the weather should be acceptable pretty much all year around, no?

Oh, and the law will also stipulate that each and every month they have to golf on a course selected by a committee of retired border patrol guards.  Surely that's a small compromise to make for year around mandatory rounds of golf?

It doesn't matter how much Air Force One flights and the Secret Service costs to sustain this -- it would be a bargain at any price, really.

In fact, being the spendthrifts we really are at heart, we'd be happy to throw in an additional $20 billion a year in taxes to improve Presidential security...

And don't forget, W and Slick are "included in" -- no saying no!  The more the merrier even if they somehow end up choosing different courses!

In fact, we should expand our generosity to cover Congress next -- who can possibly object to fist bumps all around?