Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Post: Democrats Voting To Repeal The First Amendment

Moonbattery » Ted Cruz Sounds Alarm on Repeal of First Amendment: "The Second Amendment isn’t the only one liberals will repeal as soon as they have the leverage. They are already going after the First. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) sounds the alarm:
Once again we see that the Democrat Party has come to represent naked oligarchical collectivist tyranny of the type so many veterans gave their lives to defend the country against. Yet thanks to their control of the media and the witlessness of much of the public, millions of people will vote for Democrats anyway."
Oh, and all you folks who don't think that Vets should be (un) treated by the VA the way they are, just remember that the VA is a perfect example of politically driven medical rationing.  And whoever is on the outside looking in to the political powers that be get the political shaft.

It was praised by many Democrats and used as an example for Obamacare to emulate. And the Obama administration knew exactly what was going on.

Weep that our Veteran's have sacrificed in vain.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that we don't actually have a competitive health system -- just one that's not yet fully single payer and politically driven. Until Obamacare fully takes control.

Then we all get the shaft.