Thursday, May 8, 2014

COTD: Boycott Priorities

Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott: Polo Lounge Nearly Deserted (Except for One Actor) - Hollywood Reporter

Bridget • 2 hours ago
So interesting the elites are finally galvanized against Sharia law. I have to assume it was because of their gay policy (you're dead if you are gay) as oppose to their women policy (you are owned by your husband and he can kill you if he wants to). Interesting how that works.
Yeah, interesting. So interesting that Sultan Knish just wrote a post about it that starts thus:
At the end of Animal Farm, the revolution ended in tyranny when "All Animals are Equal" was rewritten with the addendum "But Some Animals are More Equal than Others." A revolution that began with the promise of equality reverted to inequality in the name of the equality revolution.

America's civil rights revolution began with, "All Americans are Equal" and ended up with, "All Americans are Equal... But Some Americans are More Equal than Others."
Needless to say, you need to click right now and RTWT.