Wednesday, May 14, 2014

COTD: Victims Are Vital

Sultan Knish: The Progressive Red Guard: "mushroom said...
There are no absolutes except social justice.

Yep. That explains why victims are so vital to the left. They keep doing it because it works.

The media keeps it going, and America, in general, keeps thinking, "Well, it's on the news. There must be some truth to it." We reason that surely these journalists might be misled or mistaken or not very bright, but they wouldn't just lie outright.

Except they would, and they do because they are the Red Guard's agitprop. "Fact checking" was honest just long enough to be effectively corrupted, and crowd-source internet sites are being sanitized (i.e., Stalinized) or systematically trolled by regime agents to undermine the narrative of the opposition and bolster the regime's story.

Crazy world.