Monday, February 24, 2014

Soon This Will Be You ... (Bumped)

'I Am a Ukrainian' Protest Video Goes Viral: "BBC News: A YouTube video of a protester in Ukraine has been viewed 3.5 million times - are we seeing the rise of the viral video protest?

In the three months since the start of the Ukraine crisis, there have been countless videos uploaded to YouTube. But none has had anything like the impact of a video called "I am a Ukrainian". In it, a young protester stands on the street in Kiev on a cold dark night. She addresses the camera directly and simply. "We want to be free," she says - in English. The courts are corrupt, she says, and politicians are behaving like dictators. The video has had thousands of comments, with people writing from around the world to express solidarity - from Egypt to Kashmir to Turkey."
... but there will be nobody to help you. Because you pissed away the sweat and tears of your ancestors. If you haven't read it, Jason has something to say to you.