Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fascism And Appeasement (Part 3,948,391)

You Wouldn't Believe What I Saw in the Dachau Gift Shop  - Bloomberg: "I’ve tried to call the Dachau shop manager a number of times since leaving the site to better understand the rationale behind the store’s collection of biographies of putatively great Jews (that “putatively” is directed at Allen, not Roth or, God knows, Einstein), but I haven’t been able to reach her yet. I should have asked someone during our visit about the shop’s fascinating selection of merchandise, but my photography and bookrack hijinks caused the gift-shop manager on duty to become upset. Apparently, one thing you don’t want to do as a foreign visitor is upset the order of German concentration camp gift shops. It’s just one of those unspoken taboos, I guess. Kind of like making too big a deal of modern-day massacres while attending an international security conference in a city whose name provokes memories of both fascism and appeasement."