Sunday, February 9, 2014

COTD: Targeted

The PJ Tatler » Dems Trying to Blame IRS IG for Targeting Scandal: (Direct Comment Link: here) "geokstr "And how many liberal groups were “targeted” like Tea Party groups? There were 20 liberal groups who applied for tax exempt status during the period of time in question and only 6 were singled out for special treatment.

Meanwhile, all 292 conservative groups came in for special scrutiny."

There are so many holes in this logic:

1) Why did it take 6 weeks after the story broke to find a leftwing group that was "singled out" for scrutiny? If that was true, why didn't they come forward immediately? Was it because they had to figure out a way to twist and spin a minor delay because they didn't dot all the "i's" on their paperwork?

2) What exactly was the "extra scrutiny" the lefties were subjected to? The conservative groups spelled out exactly what they were asked for: donor lists, every facebook post and tweet from the leaders and family members, contents of prayers, all published materials ever, any connections to politicians, who spoke before their group, who did they intend to have speak to them, ad nauseum. However, I have yet to see any of these leftwing groups detail the onerous questions they had to answer, probably because they weren't held to anywhere near the same standards.

3) Of the 20 leftwing groups, how many were held up an average of 28 months, like the conservative applicants? From what I've seen, the lefties were asked a few perfunctory questions and then sailed right on through.

4) How many of the leftwing groups were not approved prior to the 2012 election? I suspect none. How many of the rightwing groups were? Ans: Every last one of them, and quite a few are still awaiting determinations up to 4 years later.

5) How did Obama's brother in Africa, with ties to terrorist groups, get approved retroactively after illegally taking donations for two years by none other than Lois the Fifth Lerner herself?

6) Why did it only take Organizing for America, the highly political arm of the President's own campaign, get approved in weeks during this same period?

7) I'd like to see a list of all 501c3, 501c4, 501c5 (unions) and 527 groups. I'd venture to say that for every rightwing group there are already 10 leftwing groups that have been operating, many for decades. The Tea Party is just a couple years old and have already had a devastating impact on the left. This harassment and the proposed rules are just a way to keep the right from narrowing the huge gap after Citizens United allowed them to speak too.

8)) The White House knew about this harassment of conservative groups long before the 2012 elections. Why did they delay admitting it until May of 2013. (That's rhetorical, we already know the answer.)

In fact, a recent study from Harvard researchers (so we know it must be good) found that it may have cost Romney 5-8.5 million votes in 2012. And only several hundred thousand votes, in swing states where many of the conservative applicants were from, and we're looking at President Romney right now.

9) In her pre-written response to a planted question, Lois Lerner, the highly partisan head of the IRS 501 approval process for the entire time of the targeting, admitted and apologized for harassing conservative groups. She didn't say anything about a general program that just happened to pick up mostly rightwing groups. Yet the entire leftwing apparatus is now claiming she must have been lying all along.

This was a despicable and successful vote-suppression program run by the very same lefties that are always accusing the right of it. Projection is the mother's milk of the left.

This is war, and we had better realize and act accordingly. (show less)

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Bingo.  You might not be interested in nasty a**holes. But they are most certainly interested in you...

And my last post points out the kind of people they are after.  This is utterly despicable.