Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Fearful Future

Belmont Club » The Fearful Future: "The Left is and has always been a regressive ideology which relies in “progressive taxation” to pursue a 19th century dream. Marx couldn’t even imagine that dream. He lived a world where have two or three suits of clothes was a big deal. If you look about your home and consider which of the plethora of consumer items was invented under socialism it would be a very short list. In product innovation, America produced Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and thousands of others. Socialism brought forth Mikhail Kalashnikov.

In the coming years the political call will go out to stop the world and return to some imaginary New Deal Paradise. But can we ever return to the past?  Yes of course we can the Left will say. And they will say it on their Tablets without realizing the irony. But to those who wish to return to the garden and are without innovative sin, let him cast the first smartphone."