Thursday, January 23, 2014

COTD: Stomping Out Charity

Where Have All the Uninsured Gone? - Bloomberg: PBDD HRGuru an hour ago −
Your observations are spot on. I've been in private practice medicine for 30 years and there were ways of helping people who couldn't pay. The hospitals and county would come up with private/public partnerships (long before we even knew that's what they were!) to take care of people, including writing off charity care. I myself was one of those doctors who supervised a free clinic on the days I was on call. It worked, probably much better than whatever we're going to end up with.

But it doesn't play into the grand glorious scheme of those who support centralized planning. Too many moving parts at a local level, I guess. Also, too much of that good old Christian charity. Can't have people helping people out in their own community, person-to-person without a big government entity ensuring it's "fair".