Saturday, January 18, 2014

Redacting The First..N: The New Bill "O" Rights

Obama Moves to Weaponize IRS…Again | "The new regulations would unconstitutionally compel a 90-day blackout period during election years in which conservative 501(c)(4) organizations – such as tea-party, pro-life and pro-family groups – would be banned from mentioning the name of any candidate for office, or even the name of any political party.

Here’s the kicker: As you may have guessed, liberal lobbying groups like labor unions and trade associations are deliberately exempted. And based on its partisan track record, don’t expect this president’s IRS to lift a finger to scrutinize liberal 501(c)(4)s. Over at a Obama’s “Organizing for America,” the left-wing political propaganda will, no doubt, flow unabated."
RTWT. Look at the previous post for the context of this title and why I believe we now have the nearly fully redacted Bill of Rights put forth in the comments on Twitchy rather than Paul's version. Please explain to me what I'm missing.