Saturday, December 7, 2013

The "Crackers" Are Not Extinct

Is Black Underperformance A Result Of The Welfare State? - "Depressing news about black students scoring far below white students on various mental tests has become so familiar that people in different parts of the ideological spectrum have long ago developed their different explanations for why this is so.

But both may have to do some rethinking, in light of radically different news from England.

The Nov. 9-15 issue of the distinguished British magazine "The Economist" reports that, among children who are eligible for free meals in England's schools, black children of immigrants from Africa meet the standards of school tests nearly 60% of the time — as do immigrant children from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Black children of immigrants from the Caribbean meet the standards less than 50% of the time.

At the bottom, among those children who are all from families with low enough incomes to receive free meals at school, are white English children, who meet the standards 30% of the time.

"The Economist" points out that, in one borough of London, white students scored lower than black students in any London borough."
You can find the decoder ring to my title here in the sixth para.