Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Prison Towers Of Pluto

Moonbattery » US Debt Visualized in $100 Bills: "While Obama stages theater of the absurd by squeezing misery out of a slight temporary reduction in government growth, here’s what his government is doing to our future:"

Or if you prefer aerospace try estimating how far into orbit "just" $1T of $1 bills would stretch placed end to end. All the way into earth orbit you say?

Try orbit of the Earth around the Sun. Yes, that's 1 AU.

The math works like this:

A dollar bill is about 6 inches long, so 1T of them is 500B feet. That's:

To convert to miles you can round a bit and divide by 5,000.  That means that you take away three zeroes and convert the 5 to a 1:

The Sun is roughly 93,000,000 miles from earth.  93,000,000 is within 10% of 100,000,000 so $1T in $1 bills laid end to end is approximately the distance to the Sun (or 1 AU).

The official debt is >$16T which means that you could string $1 bills to the Sun and back 8 times to equal it.

If you take a GAAP view rather than listening to corrupt and self serving politicians (but I repeat myself) then there are estimates of the actual national debt ranging from $50T to over $200T.

If Pluto were measured this way, at it's aphelion it would only come in at $48T.

We couldn't pay that back even if every child born from now on made Albert Einstein look stupid.

And trust me, we're going the wrong direction on that one.