Monday, March 11, 2013

Only Just Begun

The War Against the Second Amendment Has Only Just Begun | Power Line: "Note how closely this reasoning applies to the Democratic Party’s effort to ban “assault weapons,” certain randomly designated semi-automatic rifles which are identified by cosmetic features. Rifles (all rifles, not just semi-automatics) are the least popular method of committing murder; more people are beaten to death with bare hands, and five times as many are knifed. The singling out of “assault weapons,” defined by a seemingly random assemblage of insignificant features, is utterly arbitrary. Bear in mind, too, that there is a constitutional right to own and carry firearms, while there is no corresponding right to consume sugary beverages, so an assault weapons ban would be judged by a more stringent standard."

To call this one a RTWT is an understatement. It crystallizes the Dem modus operandi perfectly.