Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guilty. And Unlikely To Be Proven Innocent.

Wet Mountain Tribune - Page 2 - 3/28/2013: "Jobe said that in the country of Mexico the only folks allowed to legally carry guns are law enforcement officers.

“The general citizens don’t have guns,” said Jobe, “but the gangs and cartels do.”

According to statistics provided by Jobe, there have been 50,000 murders in Mexico since the year 2000.

Additionally, Jobe said he feels that the state legislature was in such a rush to get some gun control laws passed that not enough research and homework was done.

“They didn’t listen to law enforcement and others,” said Jobe.

“For example,” said Jobe, “any clip in which the bottom can be opened up is illegal beginning July 1.”

Jobe, who owns such a gun, said that such clips are manufactured that way to make it easier for the consumer to keep them in good, working order for safety.

The new law, said Jobe, prohibits the manufacturing of clips with those removable front plates.

“The governor and legislators were given this information but they chose to sign the law anyway,” said Jobe.

Additionally, said Jobe, clips do not have serial numbers on them like guns do so it is going to be difficult to prove when and where a clip was purchased.

(Beginning July 1 when the new laws go into effect, Colorado manufacturers will be required to have some sort of identity stamp on such clips.)

“In our country,” said Jobe, “You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but with the way the law is written, I think people are going to be guilty until they are proven innocent.”

Additionally, said Jobe, if the clip is illegal, then the gun is basically useless.

“I already have people asking me what they can do with a gun they have had for 30 years and how are they going to prove that they had it and the clip before July 1,” said Jobe. “It is going to be difficult for an owner to sell a gun that uses such magazine clips or to pass such a gun down to a family member,” said Jobe."