Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Answer To That Is No

Caroline Glick :: Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting the next Director of the CIA!!!: "I know, I know, you probably all are wondering whether he's a Muslim. For my part, I still can't get my arms around the idea that a bum who hitch hiked around Indonesia with long hair and an earring is going to be the CIA Director.

Okay, enough joking around. I know, his personal grooming choices are his business. He has since taken a shower and gotten a haircut.

But I think the question of whether or not he is actually a Muslim or just an Islamophile is just as unimportant as his hippy days learning to love Islam. And by the same token, I think that it is unimportant if Obama is or isn't a Muslim. I don't care whom they pray to.

The question is whether their world view, and their policies would be any different if they were Muslims. And I think the answer to that is no. And since it is their policies, not their beliefs that matter to the world, they should be judged for that. "
Question is: Will John Brennan honor his oath to the Constitution?

Watch it and consult my title again: