Monday, February 18, 2013

Nothing New Under The Sun -- Including Othello

Ace of Spades HQ: "There is nothing, nothing new under the sun. Note the plan of action, and the approval of Stalin.

And yes, that Harold L. Ickes, FDR's Sec Interior, is the father of Harold M. Ickes, Bill Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff. Bill Clinton isn't the focus of big government evil in the world today, it's just pedigree and stuff regarding Democrats."

Go here and scroll down so you can read it in detail.

Gotta luv those low information voters. They're the stuff the cycles of history -- and recurring collectivist power grabs -- are made of.

And yes, the bankers should be in jail too since they're the one's who keep funding this recurring garbage.  The bankers are only too happy to be part of history's ongoing "high and the low against the middle" nightmare.

I recently finished re-reading "Brave New World" for the second time as well as "1984" for the Nth and "Atlas Shrugged" from the speech to the end for the umpteenth time (I've "only" read that one four times cover to cover).

One of the core unappreciated themes in all of them -- and one our "betters" have skillfully worked to bury -- is that of the "high and low against the aspiring middle".  The "high" brainwash the "low" ("proles" in 1984 or Deltas/Epsilons in BNW) to the point where rational argument about reality from individual thinkers and innovators (who most often rise from the ranks of the "low" of course) bounces off of the "low" like pebbles off of armor.

My favorite quote on this from BNW is when "world controller" Mustapha Mond scofs at John "Mr." Savage: "Expecting Deltas to know what Liberty is! And now expecting them to understand Othello! My good boy!".

And I'll pass over the opportunities for comparative analysis of Othello and our current God King for now...