Friday, July 25, 2014

Speak-o: Fooling The Ignorant

Hilarious Fail of the Week: Gruber Claims It Was a “Speak-O!” | Power Line: "Also, per Glenn Reynolds, a second recording has emerged of Gruber saying the same thing on a different occasion. Another speak-o!

Like so many things that liberals say, Gruber’s denial is not intended to persuade the intelligent, but rather to fool the ignorant.

But I want to make a broader point about the claim, advanced by large numbers of Democrats, that the operative language of the ACA–”established by the State under section 1311″–was a “typo.” This assertion is ridiculous on its face. If the statute was printed and came out looking like this–”established by the Stat under section 1311″–that would be a typo, and a court would read “state” for “stat.” But the absence of any reference to a federally-established exchange, while it could be a mistake, is not a typo."