Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Betrayal of the Western Middle Classes: Attila And The Witch Doctor

Articles: The Betrayal of the Western Middle Classes: "The middle classes, together with the intellectuals, could be said to epitomize Western Civilization.  Both are uniquely Western phenomena, not only because they embody the strengths of the West -- creativity, rationality, and individualism -- but also the weaknesses of our culture. This last point has never been sufficiently explored on the right, and certainly not in the movements that want to bring the expansion of Islam and all kinds of progressivism to a halt.  But if we really want to understand the predicament of our civilization, we must first understand the sociology of the middle classes and the intelligentsia, and that sociology's connection to history and current developments."
RTWT ^ 3. Another fairly short yet worthy expose of doom.