Saturday, August 6, 2016

We’re Doomed

We’re Doomed | The Z Blog: "That’s only half the problem. What sort of person reported the guy? presumably, someone complained. In Europe, it is against the law to hurt someone’s feelings so I would assume that’s the angle. The accused insulted the dead, which made someone sad so the accused must be made to suffer. This is old testament justice for the snowflake age. Instead of eye-for-an-eye, it’s boo-boo for boo-boo justice.  The fact that this exists and people go along with it suggests there no hope for the West. Only a mass die off like the Black Plague can fix this."
Our only consolation is that the Euro-weenies are more advanced at this insanity than we are. But I have every confidence in our ability to catch up with the Demonrats continued control...