Monday, January 11, 2016

COTD #2: The Ambulance

Will Europa Burn? | Gates of Vienna: "Uwe Hayek on January 11, 2016 at 1:05 am said:

We should consider ourselves very lucky, for now.

A few days after the Paris events, in Hanover, Police confiscated an ambulance full of explosives. Also three muslems had the intention to enter the football stadion with bomb vest, just as in Paris. In Hanover, the attack was thwarted, as the football match was entirely cancelled. In Paris too, the attack on the stadion was thwarted by the body search on the first muslem who tried to enter the stadion. When he saw he was going to be body searched, he ran and detonated his bomb vest in the street, outside the stadion, the two muslems ready to enter the stadion, also detonated their bomb vests in the streets. This was not their intention.

But lets piece together both scenarios for the stadion in Paris and the one in Hanover. Three muslems go in to the stadia with bomb vests. Then a diversion is created by a shooting in the entertainment district. Police and all ambulances are send out to the entertainmant district. (In Paris, to the Bataclan, and surroundings) Then the muslems in the stadia detonated their bombs. Let us say, 50 people are killed, and many wounded by these blasts. Ambulances are called, but none are available, they are all rushed to the entertainment district. But one ambulance shows up, is rushed inside the stadion, and it is this ambulance FULL of explosives.

It detonates and 20.000 people are killed in Paris and 20.000 are killed in Hanover, bringing the total casualties tio 40.000, including presidents Hollande and Merkel, who were/would have been/ present at the games.

Analysis of the explosives found in the Hanover ambulance show that the stadium would have collapsed.

Now use THESE numbers to extrapolate the number of 80.000 infiltrated active muslems .
Uwe Hayek.