Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trump v The Big Lie

Donald Trump: British police officers warn about growing ISIS radicalisation in London | UK | News | Daily Express: "The anonymous officer wrote on the online forum Police.Community: “I’m not allowed to travel in half blues to work anymore IN MY OWN CAR as we're ’All at risk of attack’ - yet as soon as someone points out the obvious it's 'divisive.'"

He added: “In this instance he (Trump) isn't wrong. Our political leaders are best either ill-informed or simply being disingenuous.

“He's pointed out something that is plainly obvious, something which I think we aren't as a nation willing to own up to - do you think a US Police Department would ban officers from wearing their uniforms under jackets etc due to FEAR of their cops being killed by extremists?

“We implement half measures such as ‘No-one is allowed to come into work half blues, even in your own cars because if you get beheaded it'll be your own fault’.

“It would be seen as un-American, un-democratic, not the done thing... In the UK though we accept it”.