Sunday, July 19, 2015

COTD: From The Inside

Inside Look At US Government Cyber Security | Zero Hedge: "I have worked in cyber security for the federal government for 5+ years and let me explain some of the great things I have seen.

1. CISO, Directors and Managers without cybersecurity certifcations or experience.

2.  Contractors who did not report malware traffic to the feds.

3. Federal officals who eliminiated contractors who spoke out

4. Federal officals who locked out other cerifified and experienced officals because they didn't want to look bad.

5.  Contracting companies who hired foreign nationals to have complete administrative privilages.

6.  CISSP who will not get promoted because some smuck who knows nothing yet has been around for 15 years gets promoted.

I am leaving DC for good and am leaving federal government work for good.  I am not surprised the records have been stolen.  I feel bad for the agents who have been fighting to keep the foreign nations from fucking us over.   However, it is over. It is a counter intelligence nightmare.  How easy is it now to plant fingerprints on a murder weapon? You would have to be crazy to work for NSA, FBI, DOD or CIA.  Our federal government is failing us on so many levels.

I could go on an on but what is the point."