Saturday, April 11, 2015


Some random last thoughts about RFRA and gay marriage: "And here’s another “one more thing” to say about this gay mafia: Because they’re targeting good Christians, I can bet you the Lefties assume that the same people who place such value in their relationship with Christ would never dream of spitting in food — or doing something even nastier."

And in the 1973 war the Arabs attacked Israel either not being able to figure out that Israel had nukes ... or knowing they did but comfortable that their own propaganda about Israelies eating Arab children's brains for breakfast was complete bullshit and Meir wouldn't use them.

It's hard to know which option made the Arabs look worse.

The latest Gay mafia thoughtcrime attack on Christians almost makes them "brothers" in arms.

Except for the little detail that Arabs and Persians routinely toss Gays off buildings and hang them from construction cranes.

Orwell didn't know the half of how right he was about bourgeois illusions ...