Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Clarke Tastiness

Clarke clobber caper | Power Line: "Quotable quote: “Al Sharpton is a vulgar human being. He is divisive and he spews hate.”

What an impressive guy Clarke is. He makes our El Presidente look like the SCOAMF that he truly is and effectively calls him out for being one -- but far more diplomatically than I would...

His comments about Sharpton and the fact that without the NYPD the city would collapse into utter chaos are perfect.

Now, do we also need to have "conversations" about police corruption, police unions and police militarization (funded by El Presidente please note)? Absolutely.  And if more LEO's were like David Clarke instead of union hacks then we would.  (Amazingly, Clarke is reputed to be a Democrat -- I don't think El Presidente will let that continue long ...)

I want to see Clarke in the running for Prez...