Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Reminder: Letter From A Tehran Jail

Letter from a Tehran jail | Power Line: "The security forces next formed a “tunnel” running from the ward’s main entrance to a minibus outside, according to Mr. Bahavar. The guards, some uniformed and some in civilian clothes, beat the prisoners as they ran down this tunnel. The whole route “was covered in blood,” Mr. Bahavar reports. The minibus drove some prisoners away, while others like Mr. Bahavar were returned to the ward and eventually allowed to see a prison medic. Mr. Bahavar, like many Green-movement supporters, initially embraced Hasan Rouhani’s candidacy for president: “Rouhani came, and we thought we’d forgive what had happened to us if he improves the people’s condition.” But the beating he and the other inmates received last week convinced Mr. Bahavar that “the hatred in their black hearts is much greater than the Greens’ kindness and forbearance.”"